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International Pet Transportation

Your pets require extra care and attention when you are moving abroad. They also mean extra moving costs. Proper and professional advice, as well as a timely preparation, can make the difference and help you reduce costs and insure a safe travel for your beloved pets.

Transporting pets often means an emotional part of an international move. They require a lot of personal attention and care. Not only for their own wellbeing but also to create peace of mind for you, the owner.

Pet removal
It is an option for you to travel together with your pet, but it is also possible to outsource this service to Asian Mobility Services (AMS). We know what it means for an animal to travel around the world and how to make the trip most comfortable. AMS coordinates the trip from door-to-airport or if desired to your final residence, in close cooperation with a specialized animal transporter.

Treatment and care
Important elements to consider are the documents and vaccinations that are required for both export and importation. AMS will make sure that up-to-date information is available in time. Each animal is different and requires different treatment and care. We offer a tailor-made solution and personal care.

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